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Pan Globus is a unique company with Distribution and Marketing Services as our core business. We specialize in the Medical Device Sales industry where we will find you customers.

We realize that a Medical Device company having new products or a successful domestic base is not the key to success. The key is taking that product or products to the Global market place and having that product purchased, used and then re-ordered.

How does a Medical Device company situated in Iowa USA or Sheffield in the UK, Leipzig in Germany etc., take their new product or products to the International market place? The obvious and most expensive way is to hire a specialist export manager and a team...but are you guaranteed results? Perhaps but it will be costly and time consuming, two elements that a new Medical Device company simply cannot afford.

Medical Device Manufacturers who have unique or outstanding products, but are without the knowhow or resources to develop new overseas markets can benefit from our marketing services.

Pan Globus Marketing Services gives you access to an established Medical Device distribution network covering Europe, Russia/CIS, Canada, Latin America, The Middle East, Asia Pacific and India. We have distributors in all of these regions with the resources to open new distribution channels for new products, with all the necessary support and infrastructure in place.

Not only do our marketing services source the most effective distributor for your products, we also work with that dealer’s sales people to ensure that your products are to the fore of their portfolio. Working with dealer sales people ensures products are presented in a professional manner. In effect it is the manufacturer’s sales person the end user is meeting; and after the presentation, the inevitable closure of the sale.

If you require further information on our medical device services, complete our enquiry form on this page and we will get back to you shortly.

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